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Custom Printed Garden Flags


Minimum order 25 units
Made knitted polyester. Custom materials available
Fully customizable printing options.
Ideal to hang using our Garden Flag Poles.
Single sided and double sided options

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Custom Printed Garden Flags

No matter what the season or the occasion, custom made garden flags are just the thing to decorate your garden or yard. Outdoor garden flags can feature any design you like; vibrant colours or unique designs tailored to any event, celebration or holiday. print on demand garden flags

  • Quick as well as simple setting up with powder-coated iron flagpole
  • Complete shade for a captivating appearance flag
  • Flag created from high quality polyester for prolonged exterior life
  • Both sides of flag graphic displays

Custom Printed Garden Flags

Allow your lawn as well as patio area present your distinct design with personalized yard flags. Personalized garden flags and also banners are the excellent method to include some color as well as appeal to your front door and also sidewalk, outdoor patio area, backyard location, along with your flower bed and also yard location.

Whether you intend to display a personal message, your sporting activities pride, a seasonal greeting, a favorite vacation, or just wish to include some added shade to your flower bed, Vispronet’s lugs all the options and also styles you require.

Caring for Garden Flags

Cleansing your personalized yard flags: Cleaning your flag is an essential action for maintaining your flag print bright, unblemished, and prepared for future use. To clean, maker clean on delicate cycle or spray the flag with a mild soap or detergent with cold water to aid preserve the vibrancy of the shades. Cleansing should not take long as the polyester material is simple to clean and also dries rapidly also. Allow your flag air completely dry after cleaning. Do not utilize a dryer. Additionally, avoid use bleach and also completely dry cleansing as this will create irreversible damages to your flag.

Keeping your flag: Saving your personalized garden flags far from exterior climate aspects is an excellent means to maintain your flags well maintained and tidy for future periods and also vacations. Just fold or roll your flag and store in a dry, dark location. Avoid saving in sunlight or ambient light as this can potentially cause color fading and also increase the breakdown of the fabric fibers. Never save your flag while it is still damp or wet. Saving your flag damp can result in numerous problems consisting of: mold as well as fungi, bad odors, in addition to staining and staining.

Pointer for severe weather conditions: We suggest taking your personalized yard flag down throughout really harsh weather, to help prolong the flag life. These harsh weather conditions include: severe thunderstorms with high winds, as well as serious snowstorms.




Custom-printed flags refer to flags that are personalized or customized with specific designs, logos, messages, or artwork according to the customer’s preferences. These flags are typically created through printing techniques such as dye-sublimation, digital printing, or screen printing, allowing for high-quality, vibrant prints with intricate details.

Custom-printed flags offer a wide range of possibilities for personal expression, branding, advertising, or commemorating special events. They can feature anything from company logos, team mascots, or promotional slogans to intricate graphics, photographs, or personalized messages.

  • Flags come in various sizes and shapes, ranging from small handheld flags to large banners. Common shapes include rectangular, square, triangular, or custom shapes tailored to specific needs or preferences.

 Flags are typically made from durable materials such as polyester, nylon, or cotton. These materials are chosen for their strength, resilience, and ability to withstand outdoor conditions. Flags are often exposed to elements like sunlight, wind, rain, and even snow. The materials used in their construction are selected for their resistance to these weather conditions. Polyester and nylon, for example, are both known for their weather-resistant properties, making them suitable for outdoor use.

  • Flags can be displayed in several ways, including attaching them to flagpoles, hanging them vertically or horizontally, or waving them by hand. They can be displayed indoors or outdoors, depending on their intended use.
  • Flags are relatively low-maintenance. They can be spot cleaned with mild detergent and water or machine washed on a gentle cycle. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals to preserve the fabric and printing quality.


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